Consecration service of land for a future Buddhist memorial temple in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora (Hill of Poklonnaya)

The idea initiated by our local religious organization “Moscow Buddhist Center “Three Jewels” acting as an official contractor-developer has moved off dead center due to the years long arduous work, primarily and permanently supported by the State Duma Deputy Larisa Shoigu. The invaluable help in the official ceremony of land consecration organization was rendered by the President of the Russian Federation on domestic policy and the Department of interregional cooperation, national policy and relations with Moscow Religious Organizations.

Unusual and colorful picture was observed by the citizens in Moscow Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora in one of the warm October days, particularly on October 10, 2014. Buddhist monks invited by our religious organization from Tuva, Buryatia and Kalmykia were sitting in a circle in red and yellow attires and chanting ancient prayers, perfuming with the censers and ringing the ritual bell… All necessary rituals were made including offering tributes, food and water, to kind spirits - the masters of the land. Then those present at the event was treated with the consecrated products (sweets). And even the rain which was periodically drizzling during the ceremony of the land consecration for the temple was considered the auspicious sign. It means that the planned initiative will proceed along the white road, another words accompanied by good luck. This is what the Buddhist tradition says.

The idea to build such temple in this place has since long been in the air.

Poklonnaya Gora has become the symbol of collective heroism manifested by the peoples of our multinational state during the Great Patriotic War. As known, there has already appeared the Orthodox church of St. George, a memorial mosque “Shukhada” and the memorial synagogue. However, the Buddhist temple was still missing. But it is noteworthy, that residents of the republics of Tuva, Buryatia and Kalmykia with the traditional Buddhist culture have struggled at the fronts just as heroically as the other nations, and worked selflessly in the rear. Although the Buddhist faith was at that time subjected to severe repressions, most of the temples and datsans was closed, nevertheless many believers received some sort of blessing from lamas for participation in the war. Meanwhile, the souls of the dead demanded commemoration in accordance with Buddhist rites.

Tatiana Odushpayak, Chairman of the local religious organization “Three Jewels”, opened the ceremony of land consecration.

The Meeting was addressed by:

Yevgeniy Yeryomin - Head of the Department for Relations with Religious Organizations of the Russian President Administration for Domestic Policy

Konstantin Blazhenov- Deputy Head of the Department of interregional cooperation, national policy and relations with religious organizations of Moscow

Buda Badmayev – the Head (Shireete-Lama) of St. Petersburg Buddhist temple “Datsan Gunzechoyney”

Sonam Pelgye Getsul - the Head of the Buddhist temple of the Great Victory in the October district of the Republic of Kalmykia

Hamby-Lama Dzun-Khemchiksky kozhuun (District) of the Republic of Tuva

Kunzat-Lama of the Republic of Tuva