About the construction of a Buddhist memorial temple in Moscow on the territory of the memorial complex Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill

The idea of such Buddhist temple construction has been discussed for many years already, and especially in three Russian regions, namely in the republic of Tuva, Buryatia and Kalmykia. The fact is that the national tradition of soldiers the defenders of the Motherland commemoration are usually carried out in connection with the Buddhist rites, and the citizens of these republics have addressed numerous complaints thereof to the various authorities.

In consideration of the repeated requests of Buddhist religious organizations and the believers in the Republic of Tuva, the leadership of the Republic has appealed in 2005 to the Moscow Government with the request to consider the construction of a Buddhist temple in Moscow Victory Park memorial complex at Poklonnaya Hill as well as provision of the land plot for this purpose.

The Moscow Government has responded, that basing on the current Russian Federation legislation and in accordance with registration procedure of construction and use of worship objects in the city of Moscow, the local Buddhist religious organization must also appeal directly and undertake a commitment to be the customer-developer of this construction.

In 2006, the Moscow residents, which were the indigenous people from Tuva, organized a Buddhist religious group, and in July 2007, registered it at the Ministry of Justice as Moscow Buddhist Center "Tuva".

After registration we started receiving appeals of the founders change by the address of our religious organization. This seemed impossible according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In 2009, the religious organization was renamed into the Moscow Buddhist Center "Three Jewels", MRO.

Later the following public authorities were developed for the purposes of the project implementation: The Board of Trustees and the Organizing Committee.

The leaders of religious associations of the Republics and the Heads of their Administrations, representatives of the Moscow Government, as well as the State Duma Deputies, the Federation Council and the Russian Presidential Administration members agreed to enter the Board of Trustees.

The "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Tuva and the Moscow Government on trade, economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation" signed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tuva and the Mayor of Moscow and adopted on February 4, 2009 was of great importance for implementation of the project of the historic Buddhist temple construction.

Cooperation on the issues of a Buddhist memorial of worship construction project realization in the territory of the Victory Park in Moscow in commemoration of the victims of the Great Patriotic War has been stipulated as part of the Protocol to the Agreement provided for in paragraph 4.

At present, the Moscow city competent organizations are actively working on the re-formulation of land and topographic surveys within the same borders for their further provision for design and survey work.

For the purposes of the project implementation, our religious organization takes into account the ideology and concept of the Memorial Complex in the Victory Park, and adheres to its development line. The commemoration of the fallen heroes, whose life aspirations and covenants are given to their descendants in a variety of traditional forms of national spiritual values, shall not only be the care of individuals on special days, but also the daily spiritual requirement of each individual. This Buddhist memorial temple, together with the Orthodox church and the temples of other traditional religions of Russia in the Victory Park will become the new symbol of social harmony and integrity in Russia, as well as contribute to strengthening of world view and peace making orientations of the younger generations.